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Michael Ross

IT Support Technician

Key areas of expertise:

  • Technical support
  • IT solutions

Professional Background:

Michael graduated from Wolverhampton University in 2012 and began his IT career shortly afterwards, working for an IT firm based in Milton Keynes and then in Telford. Michael joined Flex IT in 2015 as an IT Support Technician.

Michael particularly enjoys his role at Flex IT as it allows him regular face-to-face interaction with customers when he travels to their site, and prides himself in adpating to his surroundings.

Michael describes working for the firm as the most enjoyable place he’s worked due to the friendly staff – who make it lot easier to get out of bed in the mornings! And hopes to continue increasing his knowledge of computing at a more technical/networking level. 


Michael’s daily duties as an IT technician involves: Providing high quality IT support to a wide range of customers, which consists of both answering queries via phone and visiting sites.

Michael outside of work

Michael’s favourite hobbies include: Playing football, golf and going to the gym.

Michael’s favourite holiday destination is Perth, Australia.

If Michael wasn’t working at Flex IT, he would still pursue a career in IT.

Michael’s lifetime ambition is to travel the world.

Michael’s greatest achievement is coming 2nd place in a skiing competition in Italy – with the 3rd place awarded to an F1 driver who wasn’t too happy about getting beaten by a 14 year old!