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Fake Xero invoice emails

Xero have had a number of reports from clients who have received a phishing (scam) email from an array of email addresses claiming to be Xero.

The email addresses used are varied and can be anything from spoofing email addresses claiming to originate from and ones that are spam email addresses such as; and

Example Phishing Email:


The links on the phishing emails tend to take xero clients to a fraudulent replica of the Xero login page, where offenders are hoping to trick Xero customers into disclosing their login credentials. The websites are almost exactly the same as the Xero login page however, they have a fraudulant web address.

Example of the FAKE login page:


Xero's legitimate web address is and their login page is We recommend always checking that you are logging into the genuine Xero site before entering your login credentials.


Please DO NOT click on any links or images or enter any log in or bank details if you are suspicious of any emails recived by Xero - contact Xero support first of all to check its authenticity. If you are suspicious of an email please forward it to

A genuine Xero email will always come from a domain or sub-domain address, e.g.,,,,,  If it’s not from a address, be suspicious.


Some more examples of some phishing emails:


To view more info on this matter please follow this link: 

 You can also find more information about how to protect yourself from email phishing attacks here.


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