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Human Resources and Training

Did you know that:

55% of Managing Directors in SME's act as the make shift HR Director and spend 50% of their time dealing with people issues.

Personnel costs can be as high as 60% of your total business overhead.

Companies continually struggle to keep up to date and feel they are being stifled by the amount of employment legislation being passed.  If you employ people then you need to ensure that you comply with ongoing employment law changes and requirements.  This is where we can help.

Our specialised team can support you with any Human Resources queries from employment law, compensation and benefits, recruitment and performance improvement.

Whatever your Human Resources requirements are, we can develop a package specific to you to help you manage your most important asset - your people.

Our Services:

Constant legislation changes can create real difficulties but we can help with:

  • A HR Audit and Systems Health Check: Let us carry out a review of your current HR procedures in order for us to provide a no-obligations quote on your actual, specific requirements
  • Contracts of Employment and Staff Handbooks: Contracts of employment protect both the employee and employer.  We can provide you with up to date contracts and staff handbooks, specific for your particular company, to give you peace of mind
  • HR Policies and Procedures: All HR policies and procedures we supply will be supported by the necessary, but only relevant documentation you require for your company
  • Appraisal Systems:  The process of setting goals and targets, with measurement and follow up criteria, for your employees, is the cornerstone of any developing business.  We have available a very effective appraisal process tool for any company ready to reap its benefits
  • Recruitment Advice and Projects:  Sourcing new members for your team can prove to be a very lengthy process and if the wrong candidate is selected, can prove to be expensive.  We can offer you any advice, documentation or recruitment training for any vacancy you may have.  We are also trained to administer a number of diagnostic tools to assist with the recruitment process
  • Compensation and Benefits:  We can keep you up to date with any changes in the national minimum wage and also benchmark your pay rates, salary scales and benefits within your market/business sector
  • Outsourcing:  Why not let us act as your internal HR department by outsourcing this function to us.  We know each company is individual and we would be happy to discuss with you your specific needs in order to develop a tailor made support package to suit your organisation


The training and development of people within organisations is vital to the success of that business. All too often people get promotion on their technical or functional expertise rather than on their ability to manage, motivate and get the best out of others.

Dyke Yaxley have developed a number of well respected and attended "soft skills" training and development workshops, which can be delivered on an in house or open basis.  The topics we specialise in (but are not exhaustive) are:

  • Strategic Development for the Top Team
  • Change Management and Business Transformation
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Management Development
  • Team Building and Communication
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Performance Management and Setting Objectives
  • Self Development, Planning and Personal Organisation
  • Interviewing and Recruiting
  • Managing Conflict, Disciplinary and Grievance
  • Customer Service and Selling Skills
  • Negotiating and Influencing
  • Time Management and Delegation
  • Corporate Away Days

For more information on our Human Resources and Training Services please contact either Keith Higgins or Natasha Eveson on 01743 241281 or email or