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Rob Whittall

Managing Partner, Dyke Yaxley USA

Key areas of expertise:

  • International Tax Matters
  • US and UK Corporate Tax Planning
  • US and UK Individual Tax Planning
  • Structuring of UK Businesses within the US
  • Structuring of US Businesses within the UK

Professional background:

Rob joined Dyke Yaxley in 1990 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1995 and soon afterwards Rob had a spell of travelling and ended up in the States, where he then qualified as a Certified Public Accountant in 1999.

In 2006, Rob started developing a UK/US tax niche in conjunction with Dyke Yaxley and in 2011, Dyke Yaxley opened an office in Cleveland, Ohio, which Rob is currently overseeing as Managing Partner.

Rob now spends a significant time in both the US and UK allowing him to remain knowledgeable about each country’s tax requirements and maintain ongoing relationships with his clients.


Rob’s work involves UK and US Tax Planning/Structuring for UK and US businesses and high net-worth individuals venturing into the UK and US market both from an international and domestic perspective.

Rob specialises in both inbound and outbound international taxation issues for UK and US closely held businesses and individuals, focusing on tax planning, foreign tax credit utilisation, transfer pricing issues, withholding tax issues, income tax treaties, foreign earned income exclusions and IC-DISCs.

Rob outside of work

Rob’s favourite hobbies include: Cricket, flying planes and cycling for charitable causes.

Rob is also a proud member of the Rotary Club of Cleveland.

The best place Rob’s ever visited is the Falkland Islands.

Rob considers his father to be his biggest inspiration and describes him as being ‘very honest, hardworking, genuine and unassuming’.

If Rob wasn’t working at Dyke Yaxley, he’d enjoy a career as a Professional Sportsman.