A quick, safe and simple way of exchanging information

We have partnered with Wolters Kluwer to bring you a tool that centres around connectivity and efficiency as we process your needs with us. Our client portal saves precious time for you and our staff at DY, while being environmentally friendly.


What is the OneClick portal?

Briefly, it’s a secure area for exchanging messages and documents with your accountants. It’s safer than using email, you can access all your files instantly in one place, and you are able to approve documents with the click of a button rather than printing, signing and sending back to us.


But why should I use it?

The benefits speak for themselves:

– CCH OneClick gives you instant, secure access to all the documents, files and compliance output from us

– Your own document centre for instant access to all your important documents. Access is 24/7

– Access information anytime, anywhere, including past returns, documents etc..

– Share sensitive information or approved documents via your mobile devices

– Collaborate with us in real-time

– Remain GDPR-compliant

How can I get on-board?

Fill out the form via the button below…
Sign-up here

Once we have received your details, our team will update our systems accordingly.

If there are no issues, you will then receive an email from notifications@accountantspace.co.uk inviting you to activate your account within three working days.

Click the link in the email and follow the on screen instructions:

  • Create a password
  • Set up multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Save the recovery codes for future use
  • Log in to your new OneClick workspace using your email, password and verification code sent by MFA

Follow the button (left) for a helpful guide to help get set up, or please watch the videos below.

Activating your account

A short video that shows the process of activating a new or upgraded CCH OneClick account and configuring MFA for the first time.

Logging into your account

A short video showing the process of logging in to CCH OneClick and entering your MFA code.


Account Recovery

A short video demonstrating the use of recovery codes when the user doesn’t have access to their MFA device and using the Recover Password link.

Account Organiser Switcher

The Organisation Switcher is only displayed to CCH OneClick users that have access to more than one client entity within the same accounting practice, or across multiple accounting practices.


Quick guides


The Messages tile indicates how many messages you have and how many of them are unread, or if you have any documents to approve.

If you have received a message you will be notified by an email from notifications@accountantspace.co.uk

To send a message you can select the ‘+ New Message’ button. Choose who to message from the list of your team at Dyke Yaxley, and use the ‘Add Files’ button or drag and drop to attach documents.


The documents tile shows you all the documents stored in your account, sorted into folders.

Documents needing approval will have an exclamation mark next to them.

You can Approve or Reject documents by clicking on them from here, or directly from the message to which they were attached.

Click in the check box, select Approve or Reject and re-enter your password when prompted.


I cannot log on/my password is not working

If you think your password is correct, check that you are using the correct email.

If you have multiple email addresses, check which email your notifications go to. We can also check on our system which email your account is linked to.

If your password is being auto-filled, delete it and type it in yourself to make sure it is correct. If it still doesn’t work, click on the ‘forgotten password’ link under the password box.

Follow the steps to reset your password. We cannot change your password for you.

I can log in but can’t find my messages

If you cannot see the ‘Messages and Documents’ tile, click on ‘Add Tiles’, select it and click ‘Add’.

I cannot see the option to approve/reject my document?

The option to approve/reject a document will only appear once the document has been viewed.

Cannot find what you're looking for?

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us by calling 01743 241281