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Social responsibility

At DY, the aim of our approach to corporate social responsibility is to reflect the actions taken to ensure we are, and continue to be, excellent corporate citizens. Everything we do has an impact on society around us and social responsibility is incorporated into our values and behaviours as a firm.

Each year we continually review our approach to diversity, inclusion and equality, we also aim to reduce our impact on the environment and lower our carbon footprint. We look to support our staff, not only as DY employees, but also as people looking to make a difference.

Our commitment

We are committed to ensuring that DY is a responsible corporate employer. For this, we consent to:

Minimising our carbon footprint as much as possible

Providing the maximum input for fundraising for our charities and volunteering activities

Working cohesively with our clients and their CSR commitments

Identifying and addressing any issues surrounding equality, diversity and inclusion among our current and future workforce

Ensuring our workforces mental and physical health is treated with respect, dignity and in accordance with basic human rights

Our achievements

Ways we have demonstrated our commitment:

To the environment – by beginning a carbon offsetting initiative with the creation of a recycling centre through the purchase of several recycling bins and an agreement with the local Council

To the equality and diversity of our employees – by celebrating diversity and increasing recruitment reach

To the wellbeing of our employees – by investing in the training of our mental health first aiders

To supporting staff in volunteering – by encouraging and supporting employees with their volunteering commitments

Related news

Our charities

We are delighted to announce that the amount raised for our two local charities from 1 May 2022 to 30 April 2024 (The Buddy Bag Foundation and Shrewsbury Food Hub) is £7,080!! This will be split equally between the two charities and cheque presentations will take place soon.

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