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Andrew Young


Key areas of expertise:

  • Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
  • Corporate and Regulated Clients
  • Business Advice
  • Construction Sector
  • Legal Practices
  • ATOL Registered Accountant

Professional background:

Andrew joined Dyke Yaxley in 1983.  He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1987 and a Chartered Tax Advisor in 1990.

Andrew was made a Director in 1991 and in May 2019 he was appointed as Finance Director.

Andrew has experience working with a variety of sectors including Solicitors, Care Homes, Petrol Retailers and Construction, and prides himself on working with clients to establish and achieve their long term aims through a carefully planned strategy.

He is also an ATOL Registered Accountant.


Andrew deals with owner-managed businesses and advises them on remuneration planning, strategic planning and general tax planning issues.

Andrew is also involved in the auditing of company accounts, and oversees the firm’s compliance regarding auditing procedures.

Andrew outside of work

Andrew’s favourite hobbies include playing football, walking, cycling and playing the guitar.

If Andrew wasn’t working at Dyke Yaxley he would enjoy working as a Sports Psychologist.

Andrew considers Lake Louise in Canada as the best place he’s ever visited.