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Laurie Riley

Managing Director

Key areas of expertise:

  • Corporate Groups
  • Corporate and Personal Tax Planning
  • Succession and Exit Planning
  • Company and Share Valuations
  • Raising of Finances
  • Company Sales and Purchases

Professional Background:

Laurie joined Dyke Yaxley on a student placement back in 1975 when the Company was known as Yaxley Davies, taking up a full-time position in 1980 and becoming a partner in 1986.  In 1999 he became Finance Director of both Dyke Yaxley and Kingsland Wealth Management.

Laurie was appointed Managing Director in 2012, which he considers to be his greatest accomplishment within the Company.

Laurie particularly enjoys meeting with clients and being able to generate new work with his ideas. Laurie describes his favourite part of working for Dyke Yaxley as the good rapport with his colleagues and clients.


As Managing Director, Laurie has overall responsiblity for the firm and the strategy and as Finance Director of Dyke Yaxley and Kingsland Wealth Management, overall responsibility for the finances.

He also looks after a small portfolio of Corporate Client Groups.  Advising them on strategy, planning, problem solving and helping them achieve their goals and increase their wealth.

He also carries out Corporate Finance work such as company purchases, sales, valuations and agreements.

Laurie outside of work

Laurie’s favourite hobbies include football, hill-walking and cycling.

If Laurie wasn’t working at Dyke Yaxley, he’d enjoy a career as a Forensic Detective.

Laurie’s lifetime ambition is to live a long and healthy life and see more of the world.

Laurie's biggest inspiration is Sir Alex Ferguson.