Construction company increase their trade credit by £99,000 using the Credit Review Service

Jun 27, 2024 | DY News

The challenge the business was facing:

A new construction company undertaking a large residential development.

Due to the scale of the development, speed and continuity of supply of materials and sub-contract services is of vital importance, so a high credit rating and limit is a priority.

How did the Credit Review Service help?

Using the Credit Review Service we were able to provide management information directly to Experian.

Within 3 business days the credit score increased to 81/100 and their credit limit also increased to an impressive £180,000.

“This entity is still relatively young and as such had credit rating restrictions applied, which is totally normal for a company like this.

However, we have been absolutely delighted with the results of DY’s credit review service which has increased our credit score by almost 36%.


I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone at all.”


Unlock your clients potential with the Credit Review Service.  96% of Credit Review Service cases are successful and the result change is delivered in as little as 5 working days from submission.

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