DY boosts a client’s cash flow with a credit review

Jun 13, 2024 | DY News

The challenge the business was facing

This second-generation family-run business supplies healthcare and mobility products primarily to elderly care homes, operating from two main sites. In recent years, the company has expanded its services to include cost auditing, interior fit-outs, and support services aimed at optimising critical cost areas. This strategic diversification has seen the company more than double its turnover in just four years.

However, as the business grew, the need for increased warehouse capacity to support their efficient operations and accommodate expanding product lines became apparent. While the business had a healthy suggested credit limit at £97,000, improving it further would enable the business to speed up necessary investment into infrastructure by unlocking additional working capital.

How did the Credit Review Service help?

The business spoke to our Business Advisory team who suggested reviewing their business credit score to see if their credit limit could be improved.

Through Capitalise’s Credit Review Service, the business was able to more than double their credit limit in exactly a week from approving, giving them access to 144% trade credit at 0%.

Dyke Yaxley offered to investigate whether our credit score could be improved. In exactly one week from approving this to be done, our credit limit had been more than doubled. 

It was a remarkably easy and swift improvement which will assist us in securing improved credit terms to boost our cash flow.”


What did this mean for the business?

With an increased credit limit, the company’s cash flow massively improved. This enabled them to invest in expanding storage capabilities, supporting a more efficient warehouse operation. This strategic improvement has been crucial for maintaining the company’s growth trajectory and meeting their increasing demand.

For further information on our Credit Review Service please contact Cian Iddison at cian.iddison@dykeyaxley.co.uk or call Cian on 01743 241281.


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