Elderly workers want to stay on

Mar 2, 2017 | Uncategorized

Almost half of employees would work longer before their retirement if their employer gave them the chance to take up more flexible hours, according to a national survey.

The British Social Attitudes Survey showed that 47% of workers would be keen to put off retirement as long as they could adjust their hours.

DY’s Operations Director, Marie Bramwell, said employers who embraced this change were likely to benefit greatly by retaining experienced and skilled staff longer.

“It’s clear that older workers have plenty to offer to a whole host of businesses in a wide range of sectors.

“By taking a more fluid approach to their employment, company bosses can ensure their business enjoys stability and security thanks to these senior employees.”

The British Social Attitudes Survey is an annual report that reviews the opinions of 4,300 people aged 18 and over, and the latest survey showed that workers were keen to encourage employers to offer flexible tools to help them work longer.

“The survey showed that 46% would move to part-time working, and 30% would like the option to take on a less demanding role,” said Marie.

“Workers also said they would take the option to work longer to update their skills, earn more income and free up time to care for their grandchildren.”

Other findings revealed that two-thirds of respondents expected to retire in their 60s, but 30% of 18 to 24 year olds and 21% of those between 25 to 34 expected to retire in their 70s.

“Older workers have a lot to offer and it’s clear that many employers are embracing the benefits of having them on the payroll.

“But there is still plenty more employers could do to help senior employees adapt their working day to fit in more easily with their lives and yet still retain their skills in the workplace.

“We can help employers assess the status of their workforce and help them to develop flexible working practices that can benefit not only their business but their staff at the same time.”

Marie Bramwell, Operations Director

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