Help with Gift Aid claims

Dec 19, 2013 | Uncategorized

Shropshire charities who have claimed Gift Aid on any donations received over the past 3 years are being urged to take advantage of a new online service.

A new electronic system called Charities Online ( has been launched, aiming to speed up and simplify the process of making a claim.

Our Tax Director, Helen Thomas, said: “Any charities or community amateur sports clubs can use the new electronic service to claim Gift Aid, reclaim tax on other income, or claim a top-up payment.

“It is hoped that the system will speed up and simplify the process of making a repayment claim, saving valuable time for charities and sports clubs.”

Helen said there were now 3 new options for making claims – for charities filing Gift Aid claims for fewer than 1,000 donors, larger organisations making claims for more than 1,000 donors, and any charities which do not have access to the internet.

“It is thought that online claims will normally be paid within 3 working days, which is a substantial improvement on the 26 days it previously took after filling in the form, known as R68(I).

“Not only that, but claiming online is faster, can prevent delays and save postal costs.

“And the service has built-in checks that tell you about mistakes before you submit your claim, reducing the need for claims to be sent back to you to be corrected.”

Our Tax Director, Helen Thomas

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