HMRC updates process for furlough claims

Jun 23, 2021 | Coronavirus Updates

HMRC has updated the templates employers use to make furlough claims for 16 or more workers, “making it easier to add the details of multiple employees”.

Employers claiming furlough for between 16-199 employees should use this template, while those claiming for 100 or more should use one of these templates.

HMRC has updated the templates to “help employers get their claim right first time” and provide all the information needed to ensure their claim isn’t stopped or delayed.

For instance, if you can’t provide a National Insurance number for an employee, you can now select a reason for this.

If a mistake is made using one of the two templates, the file will not be accepted and mistakes will be highlighted to aid in correction and resubmission.

Employers must not change the format of the template before they submit them, as they won’t be accepted by HMRC’s computer system.

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