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Jan 5, 2015 | Uncategorized

Small businesses looking to recruit top-quality staff in the New Year need to invest time on building a strong and appealing local reputation.
That’s the message from Dyke Yaxley’s human resources expert, Keith Higgins.
He said: “When it comes to hiring top talent, smaller businesses can’t usually compete with the major corporations on things like salary and benefits – and with the economy on the upturn, potential employees can increasingly afford to hold out for the best jobs. So it’s more important than ever to make sure that you’re able to find and attract the best recruits.
“Hiring the best people means knowing who else is looking for them. Jobs boards and employment agencies can be valuable for your research purposes, allowing you to see who’s hiring and for what.
“But your company’s own profile – and the ability to sell yourself as a vibrant, forward-thinking and enjoyable place in which to work, is invaluable.”
Keith said larger businesses often found it difficult to maintain the kind of public image that made them appealing to today’s qualified candidates.
“While maintaining a professional look and feel, it’s easier for smaller businesses to avoid the overly corporate, old-fashioned style of larger corporations.
“Being seen as fresh, youthful and unique could bring the applications flooding in, even when you’re not actively recruiting. Creating an interesting place to work – with the right office, a sociable team, and ethical values – might put you ahead of even the largest businesses.”
He added: “Even if you’re not currently recruiting, it’s likely that you’ll have another open position soon – especially if you’re a small business with a lot of potential to expand. 
“By accepting CVs and keeping a note of the most promising individuals you meet during the daily running of your business, you’ll begin your recruitment drive with a great head start.”
Dyke Yaxley’s Keith Higgins

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