Xero for Android: The latest round-up

Sep 26, 2017 | Uncategorized


Last time they introduced the ability to view, add and edit quotes, overhauled the Sales tab to house Quotes and Invoices together, and enhanced the Dashboard to surface the things you most need to quickly monitor the health of your business.

This month, they’re all about making your life easier with some seriously cool robot assisted accounting, plus a bunch of improvements to the way you access the app, and how you create and find information.

A new approach to login and keeping you secure

They’ve taken a fresh approach to your Xero for Android login. This was a big one to tackle, but we’re very pleased with the result and hope you find it a nicer, more efficient experience.

They now trust your Android devices’ security credentials. So if you use pattern, security pin or fingerprint to unlock your device, you won’t need to to use a password, security pin or fingerprint for your Xero for Android login. If your device isn’t secured, the app is super clever and won’t give you this option.

We believe that if you have taken the steps to secure your device at the system level, Xero don’t need to bother you again when opening the app. Of course, when it comes to security, they still want to provide you the option to add another layer protection to your business and personal data. So using a password, pin or fingerprint with Xero for Android is still an option we support.

If you use a password they’ll ask you if you want to try this new experience. For pin or fingerprint, your existing security settings will remain after updating. No need to worry there.

If you want to change the way you login to Xero for Android, just head to the overflow section of the app, followed by ‘Settings’. New users will be asked which method they would like to use during setup.

Android wrap up

Account code suggestions on Invoices

Xero are on a mission to take the accounting out of your accounting so, back in March, Xero started to teach its robots how you invoice and they’re stoked to introduce some of these smarts to the Android app.

You may have noticed they’ve started making account code suggestions on your invoices. This is done through your very own, personally tuned machine learning model, which continues to improve with every invoice code you enter, accept or correct.

As Xero CEO Rod Drury recently said, “Every small business, accountant and bookkeeper now has a supercomputer working for them.”

Account code suggestions should make things simpler and quicker for you but, don’t fret, you can easily override our suggestions whenever you want.


Attach files to quotes

Have you had a chance to create a quote on your Android yet? Now you can attach files to your quotes to remind you of the details of a job.

Simply start your quote on site, take a few photos or upload documents, then flick it to your potential customer. Voila! Accurate, professional, job-winning quotes from anywhere.


Create Invoices, Quotes and Receipts easily

When you’re out and about, simplicity is key so they’ve added a ‘+’ so you can tap and create information on the go. You’ll also find you can add documents from nearly everywhere you can think of.

Search receipts & quotes

Finding what you need in a list of documents can be frustratingly difficult so they’ve also added the ability to ‘search all document types’. This should help you find what you need quickly, take action and get back to your day.

Check out the search icon in the toolbar when you tap the receipts tab, or on the invoices and quotes lists.

That’s a wrap! We hope you enjoy a little more time back in your day. 🙂


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