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R&D tax relief is a corporation tax relief that may reduce your company or organisation’s tax bill. In many cases the relief can be used to claim valuable cash back from HM Revenue and Customs.

It is a common misconception that claiming R&D relief is a complicated and difficult task. Our experience has shown that many companies often qualify in areas they are not even aware of, so we aim to paint a clearer picture, outlining the key activities that qualify and, most importantly, that you can identify within your business. Whilst many engineers and managers have heard of R&D incentives, many only associate it with medical and scientific research, when in fact there are many more activities that qualify.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Small and medium-sized companies receive 130% uplift for tax purposes on qualifying R&D expenditure
  • Large companies are eligible for a 13% (taxable) tax credit on qualifying expenditure
  • If a claim creates a taxable loss, the loss can be surrendered to HMRC for instant cash
  • Claims can be backdated up to two years, so a company could obtain a refund of tax that has previously been paid
  • Both successful and unsuccessful projects can still qualify for R&D relief

Our team have extensive experience in preparing R&D claims for clients across multiple sectors.

Our understanding of the legislation and valuable experience gained helping clients to optimise their claims, means we can work with you to ensure no qualifying activities are overlooked in your company.

We will help you incorporate R&D into your day-to-day management so that it becomes embedded in your processes.

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