Construction company increases their trade credit by £63,000

Feb 27, 2024 | DY News

A construction company was about to embark on a new project, with the development of 4 acres of commercial land.

In a favourable location, the project was of significant interest and the business was able to utilise the services of a number of subcontractors.

With the site ready for development, the company was now ready to manage and oversee the project.

The challenge the business was facing…
The cost of construction for phase 1 of the project was expected to be in the region of £2-3 million.

With such a large project on the line, the business was keen to ensure there would be no scrutiny of their reliability and creditworthiness from their contractors, which would ultimately result in a delay of the project.

With their credit score sitting at a C rating and a credit limit of £27,000, the business was keen to see their credit profile boosted to position themselves for success.

How did the Credit Review Service help?

Using the Credit Review Service, Dyke Yaxley, the business’ accountant, could provide management information directly to Experian.

Within a few days the company’s credit score soared to a perfect 100/100 and their credit limit also increased to an impressive £90,000.

The outcome for the business…

Now in a very strong position, the business’ elevated credit profile will help to reduce queries and avoid any potential delays to the start of construction, helping to save a significant amount of time and money.

With an increase in their credit limit, the business can now access £63,000 more in 0% working capital. With the ability to access more trade credit, their cash flow will be boosted throughout this project.

“Despite our group businesses being well established, the relatively new development company we are using to deliver this project faced a challenge. 

“As a fledgling business we’d only seen a couple of years of trading and not yet had the need for any borrowing to demonstrate our credit-worthiness, so our credit rating wasn’t as robust as we’d have liked. 

“To make sure the business presented as well as it could to potential suppliers and lenders, DY suggested that we explore their the Credit Review Service as a means to bolter our score and improve our credit rating.

From the outset the process was very straightforward and rapid.  We were delighted with the outcome delivering a credit limit increase of over 200%!”



Before After
Credit Limit – £27k New credit limit – £90k
Credit score – 71/100 New credit score – 100/100
In only 4 days the construction business credit profile was improved.


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