Xero pricing changes

Jun 1, 2021 | DY News, Uncategorized

As a cloud company, Xero continually invests in product development, regularly releasing updates and improvements for its customers. Like many businesses, they periodically review their pricing to ensure it reflects the value of the product as it evolves, while allowing them to invest in what’s next.

So from 23 September 2021, Xero’s plan prices for UK business plan customers will be as follows:

Continued product development for UK customers

Since the last price increase in 2019, Xero has invested heavily in business critical areas such as cash flow, getting paid faster, automation and security. This year they’re focused on providing greater support for cash flow management and insight tools, and they’re working hard to ensure their software keeps us all one step ahead of any upcoming government changes to compliance.

You can learn more here on Xero’s website. And for further questions, please contact our Xero Team.


All pricing is in GBP and excludes VAT.


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