Dyke Yaxley USA Visit

Sep 24, 2019 | Uncategorized

From left, Rob Whittall, Tatiana Ten, Martin Dulellari, David Qiu, Joe SolteszJulie Koschik, Laura Riley, Christy Woskobojnik, and Ian Brander – the Dyke Yaxley USA team

Ian Brander, Laura Riley and Tatiana Ten are all members of the Dyke Yaxley USA team and they are usually based at the Dyke Yaxley offices in Shrewsbury. But in the first trip of its kind, they travelled to Cleveland, Ohio, to meet the colleagues based there face-to-face.

Dyke Yaxley USA managing partner, Rob Whittall, said: “Several of the US team members travel to the UK throughout the year to meet with clients in person, and the entire team interacts on a weekly basis via Skype for meetings.

“But this was the first time all ten members of the team were able to come together for both work and social occasions, enabling them to talk, share ideas, and create strong team connections.”

During the visit, the team were involved in a series of business meetings, volunteered at the historic British Cultural Garden in Cleveland, and took part in team building activities.

“The overwhelming feeling from team members was that the week was an extremely valuable opportunity for everyone involved and that they had really benefited from the experience,”

“We now plan to hold this annual meeting alternating between our offices in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Dyke Yaxley offices in Shrewsbury in the UK.

“We’re building a great organisation that delivers high quality services to our clients, and we’re also committed to attracting, retaining and developing the very best people in our team. Dyke Yaxley USA has a team-orientated mindset and we will also maintain a focus on corporate social responsibility.”

Rob said thanks to its trans-Atlantic operation, Dyke Yaxley LLC was uniquely positioned to understand the opportunities, challenges, and rising costs facing companies with international operations.

“We also appreciate the complexity of planning and preparing taxes for individuals living and working abroad, providing business tax and advisory services, specialising in international tax planning and compliance.”

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